Aqua Grabber Hints Page

I will show you all of the Aqua Grabber hints I can find. I circled and wrote on the Images to help. There’s a few tutorial videos after the images.

To get the plants to move, collect all of the barrels of cream soda.
A user sent in a hint to me:
For extra coins, try to get the mullet into the net!

Thanks Cibuni!

LEVEL 1: Clam Waters (I decided to do a level 1 video for those that need more help)


LEVEL 2: Soda Seas–Getting Past the Mullet and getting the rare treasure!


Step One: Get all of the barrels of cream soda. Go to the cave that had the last barrel of soda inside of it. Ram the top of the left side of that cave’s ceiling.  A worm will fall out.See the picture below. (Sorry, quality’s not very good.

Step 2: Pick up the “Bait” that fell.

Step 3: Take the worm over the place where bubbles come up.

Step 4: A fish will eventually come over. It will grab the worm be careful or the fish will pull you into a wall to get away. Take the fish to the Mullet.

Step 5: Position yourself so the fish is above the mullet. The Mullet will grab the fish. Let go of him and travel down the cave.

Step 6: WAIT for the crab to take all of the coins. DO NOT TAKE ANY!!


Step 7: The crab will look at you funny then go back into his hole. He will come out with the RARE TREASURE worth 500 coins!

 Here’s the tutorial for level 2!!








5 Responses to “Aqua Grabber Hints Page”

  1. In the Soda Seas, you should put the mullet in the net for an extra coin bonus. I tried it.
    Merlineroo: Thanks!

  2. How do you get the plants to move?
    Merlineroo: To get the plants to move, you must collect all of the barrels of Cream Soda.

  3. the mullet worth i think 1000 coins, and your site rock!
    i love this site even more then i love my own site!

  4. This was really helpful! Thanks SO much, but I think you should speed up the crab taking the coins.

  5. Thanks! I always wondered what was behind Mullet the Fish! Now I know, Thank you!

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