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Misson 9: “Spy and Seek”

  1. Speak with G the collect the duck, the blueprint and the three tracking devices.
  2. Head to the Lodge and talk to the penguins playing find four. Find the pieces and give them to the penguins.
  3. Pick up the string by the carpet in the Attic.
  4. Go to the forest and collect the sticks.
  5. Go to the plaza and talk to the penguins there. The puffle will blow a bubble, and after that, click on the part between the penguins. Put the gum in your inventory.
  6. Go to the Ski Hill and put the kite on one of the transmitters. Tie it to the pole.
  7. Then go to the dock and help the penguin pull up the brown handle. Get the air pump.
  8. Put the bubble gum on the duck and put the pump on the duck.
  9. Go the to the iceberg and put the duck in the water.
  10. Then, go to the mine shack and talk to the penguin. Drag the boards making the beam drop on the leftmost side. Click the cart and weld the cracks together.
  11. Put the trasmitter inside the cart and click the mine and the cart will go down it.
  12. The spy phone will start to ring. Get the binoculars from him.
  13. Go to the Lodge and “Go Fishing”. Look through the binoculars.
  14. When Herbert leaves, go to the hideout and look around.
  15. Go to the HQ and find G.
  16. Go back and and put the spy phone on top of the binoculars.
  17. Put it in the left tree.
  18. Return to the HQ and watch Herbert and Clutzy.

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